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Top 10 Most Stolen Cars and 10 DIY Ways to Keep Them Safe

As technology develops to keep our cars safer, so to do the thieves who prey on them. Below are the top ten most stolen cars in the United States as compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute, which uses millions of insurance records to process its data.

To help keep your car from ending up like these top ten, we have also included the top ten DIY ways to keep them safe and protected from thieves.

    1. Cadillac Escalade ESV: Twenty inches longer than the base model Escalade, it makes an attractive target, not just for the visibility, but for the standard features. It comes with many high-ticket items such as a DVD navigation system and Bose surround sound. The best DIY way to keep it safe? Park it in a locked garage. If the garage is full, find another place for your stuff. If you don’t have a garage, how can you afford a $65,000 car?

    2. Ford F-250 SuperCrew: These trucks make tempting targets due to the fact that they often have toolboxes in the rear, or even in the cabin of the car, making it a tempting target. In addition, parts such as the wheels and others can also be sold quickly for cash. One of the cheaper cars on the list, a kill switch can be installed manually for only a few dollars. The guys at Mighty Car Mods show you how. 

    3. Cadillac Escalade: Starting at $62,205, this vehicle is practically the cousin of the number one most stolen car. Also, models with flashy and expensive rims can make tempting targets for these looking to make some money or upgrade their own Escalade. A quick and easy way to deter them is to purchase tamperproof screws and nuts to keep thieves from taking your property. They can be purchased at any auto store, are easy to install, and impossible to remove without the correct tools.

    4. Dodge Charger: According to a Fox affiliate in Detroit, Chrysler products are so easy to steal, even a child can do it. Requiring only a screwdriver, a brick, and minimal force, thieves regularly steal and use these vehicles simply for transportation. The Detroit PD recommends etching your VIN on key areas of the vehicle to deter thieves. The entire video can be seen here.

    5. Ford F-350 SuperCrew: This truck and similar ones are most valued in the Southwest and any other area that is driving distance from the border. They are often stolen, driven across the border, and then sold for parts. This forum has a useful discussion on how your own truck’s antenna can be used to help or deter thieves.

    6. Hummer H2 SUT: Part SUV, part truck, it is one of the most visible, and therefore most attractive, targets to thieves. It also boasts attractive features such as GPS, OnStar, Bose speakers, and more. If you can afford a Hummer, you can afford a decent alarm. Check out eCarSecurity for the latest in all sorts of car alarms, buying guides, DIY info, and even useful articles.

    7. Dodge Magnum: Also easy stealing, this wagon trim vehicle actually boasts an impressive engine that is attractive to joy riders. The newer models come with Sentry keys, making it difficult to start the car without one. Owners of older models are advised to purchase a steering wheel lock, starting at around $16.00.

    8. Hummer H2: Much like its counterpart, this vehicle also comes with all the goodies thieves love, just like the SUT. Can’t afford an alarm? Try purchasing a low cost decal to make them think you do. They sell for only $4.95 for a pair on this site.

    9. Dodge Durango: The SUV of Dodge/Chrysler, it is also an easy steal. The fact that is an SUV also helps thieves pick it above other cars. Try purchasing a tire lock to instantly deter thieves and make them think law enforcement is already after the vehicle. This site sells them for as low as $189.

    10. Honda S2000: The only convertible on the list, it is a tempting target to thieves, simply because there is no need to pick a lock. With a simple slice from a household knife, a thief can cut open your top and be in the driver’s seat within seconds. If considering a purchase, try getting a hard top. It will pay for itself if it saves you from just one break-in.

The Insurance Information Institute estimates a car is stolen every 24 minutes. Increase the odds of having your car off the list by following these top ten DIY ways to keep them safe. If you have further questions, contact law enforcement or another professional security provider to get expert information, especially if you own a newer, or even late, model of the top ten most stolen cars.